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Dear guests, when you get here, go up to the 7th floor [Homestay] from the elevator

Tetamu yang dihormati, apabila anda tiba di sini, naik ke tingkat 7 [Homestay] dari lif


Grad Car enter {RCCG Power Pillar Parish} directly to Homestay massage

Grad Car masuk ke {RCCG Power Pillar Parish} terus ke urutan Homestay

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7th floor-[Homestay]

Ring the doorbell / Bunyikan loceng pintu

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需要联系Cheras 区域的请点击下面链接

To contact the Cheras area please click the link below

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relax station contact :Tell visitors how to contact you. You can also provide more instructions to let them know what issues to contact you about.

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